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Mini group

A mini group is a great way to enjoy the perks of a slightly larger group: multitude of opinions, pair and group work, etc. The teacher can easily pay attention to all of the 3-6 people in the group and each students can get personal feedback from the teacher. The curriculum of the mini group is set before the course but changes and additions can be made based on the interests of the students. All the participants of the mini group have more-or-less the same language level, which is why the intensity of the course is easy to establish. The best aspect of the mini group is that all participants are included in each activity and everyone has a chance for active participation.

The language level of the students in a mini group is measured with a language test prior to the beginning of the course, based on which people are divided into the appropriate classes. It is possible to negotiate with the teacher and other students if you want to add certain topics to the course or have to change the time of the course for some reason. A course time can be changed only if it suits all the participants.

The price of the mini group for one person is 8€ + VAT (learning materials are not included) for one academic hour (45 minutes).