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Group session

Group lessons are the most interactive of all the study forms. Each student has the chance to express him-/herself in class. Hearing the speaking style and opinions of other students is useful because there is a wide variety of ways a foreign language can be spoken. We value our students and teacher which is why the group size begins at 7 and does not exceed 10 people. Many language courses are not effective because there are over 10 people in the class and the teacher does not have enough time to pay attention to everyone. A group with 10 people is still small enough for the teacher to approach each student individually and for the group to have a sense of unity. We believe that studying in a group is a wonderful chance to advance your communication skills, which is one of the most important parts of language learning.

The language level of the participants is measured with a test which is the basis of dividing people into the appropriate groups. Groups are formed of students more-or-less on the same level. The study environment is much more relaxed than at a regular school but the atmosphere is motivating because everyone is concentrated on language acquisition. The teacher hands out homework based on the study speed of the group and can provide extra work if necessary.

The price for a group lesson per person is 5€ + VAT (learning materials are not included) for one academic hour (45 minutes).