Emajõe Keeltekool
Küüni 7, Tartu 51004
+372 7404050,

Study info

Emajõe Keeltekool operates under education licence 6411HTM from the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research. Our language training is based on the communicative method and we follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, which means that our students are divided into groups based on their language level.

Our study term is divided into spring and autumn semester when most new language courses begin. However, new courses are opened during the semester as well and it is also possible to join already active groups if they have only had a few classes before. A single class can consist of a certain number of academic hours. One academic hour is equal to 45 minutes and the most common class lasts 2 academic hours aka 1,5h. The most common course lengths are 40, 80 and 120 academic hours but shorter and more intensive courses exist as well. It is also possible to take shorter follow-up courses after a longer course.

You can register for a course online (on the webpage), via e-mail ( or by calling us at 7404050 / 55561971). After registration you will receive information on the course dates, times and payment possibilities.

Emajõe Keeltekool retains the right to postpone the opening of a course by one month or cancelling the course if there are not enough people registered. In this case, people will be fully refunded. If you cannot attend a course that you have registered for, please let us know ASAP. People are not usually refunded for an already active course. It is possible to ask for a refund after the first class.