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Day of the week Time Length Price
Spanish for beginners Mon, Wed 16.00-17.30 40AK 320€
Spanish for intermediate users Tue, Thu 08.30-10.00 40AK 320€
Private lessons Based on agreement 19-20€

*1AK = 45 minutes

In our school you can study Spanish on the basis of Estonian, English or Russian. We have several Spanish native speaker teachers. Classes can take plase in our rooms in Valge Maja, Tartu mnt 63 or outside the school. Our teachers are happy to teach both adults and children. If you are interested in learning Spanish please contact us at or call us at 623 3070 / 5816 7882. Do not forget to add your name, e-mail and phone number.

If you are still deciding whether Spanish is the right language for you, perhaps the following information from our Spanish teacher can persuade you.


– Nowadays more than 400 million people speak Spanish as their mother tongue.
Spanish is the official language in 21 countries around four continents. It is spoken by more than 35 million people in the United States. It is the second most learnt language in the world and the third most used in the internet.

 Speaking Spanish offers you more job opportunities.
Spanish is one of the most used languages in the business world. We live in a globalised world and speaking such an important language as Spanish can help you create many business opportunities with Spain and Latin America and may even help you raise your salary!

 Knowing the language enriches your travelling experience in Spanish-speaking countries.
If you are interested in exploring your destination more thoroughly and getting to know the locals, knowing the language will help you do that. Even asking for directions and reading a menu requires some knowledge of the language. Native Spanish speakers are very friendly, even more if you speak their mother tongue. When you speak with them in Spanish they appreciate your effort and welcome you even more.

– It can help you study in another country.
If you want to study in Spain or in Latin America you will have a great advantage when you have previously studied the language. It will be easier for you to make friends, go shopping or eating out and this will make your stay more enjoyable.

 You can learn about other cultures and this will help you to understand the world better.
You will be able to read and understand Spanish in the streets of these countries, in television, in the newspapers and in the internet. With these advantages you can learn different perspectives of life and this will help your personal development.

 You will appreciate Hispanic culture even more than you did before.
You will finally understand the lyrics of those songs you have heard in Spanish and liked. You can watch films in Spanish without those annoying subtitles. You can read the works of the great Hispanic authors such as Gabriel García Márquez or Mario Vargas Llosa, and one day, if you are courageous enough, you can even read the legendary Don Quixote in its original language.

– You can use it as a basis for understanding or learning other Romance languages such as French, Italian or Portuguese.
Knowing Spanish, a Latin based language, will also help you to understand English much better as it has many words of Latin origin. In fact, 60% of the English language comes from Latin.

– It’s fun and easy!
Spanish is one of the easiest languages to learn. You would be surprised about how many Spanish words you already know. And if you want to make your days more bright and sunny – come to learn Spanish. ¡Bienvenidos, amigos!